• KMC Contracting

“It was hard to find an all-in-one-service small-to-medium scale residential developer to take us through the process of converting our old home into a multiplex. There were so many things to consider the whole way through the project that we just didn’t know about.

Kinch and his team of professionals were able to help us with some big decisions before we started the build. We love our area and wanted to invest in our property, and they were able to guide us toward an innovative and sound construction plan to meet our goals.

Our new multi unit is built to last! Everything was built to code and inspected at every stage along the way. (All our neighbours told us they were surprised how fast the building went up!)

Kinch also worked with our lender to meet benchmarks for our construction loan progress payments as we completed each part of the build.

With all new Hvac, plumbing and electrical systems, brand new appliances and great warranties, we will be maintenance free for years to come.

The attention to layout detail was thorough and thoughtful, so we ended up with well designed units. The finishes were professional quality and really nice. Its Toronto, so the place has really decent rents and has been easy to lease.

We now have a brand new turnkey investment that’s worth 3 times as much as when we started. And we have great tenants, so it pays itself down! We could not be happier!”